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Become a Master of The Sword!

Earn Your Black Belt in Haedong Kumdo!

The Art of Korean Swordsmanship!

Reveal The Ancient Warrior Within You!


Dear Friend,

I am not sure what it is about the sword that sparks our imagination about warriors who fought with courage, honor and a purpose other than their own…but it does! It doesn’t matter who your are, where you are from or how old you are when you hold a sword in your hand, it is hard not to feel the power it possesses. There is just something about swords that intrigues us.

I think it is the fact that the sword literally shaped the world we live in. More battles have been decided by the blade of a sword than any other weapon. There is something simple yet deadly about a sword.

Though the days of using swords to fight battles are over….learning how to use the sword allows us to understand what it must have been like to live and fight back then and it is a way for us to connect with those ancient warriors.

What is Haedong Kumdo?

Haedong Kumdo is a Korean style of Swordsmanship whose roots date back more than 2,000 years to the Kokuryo Dynasty. It was developed for fighting multiple opponents on a large scale battle setting and for one-on-one combat with the sword.

All training begins with Kibon Dongjak, which teaches all of the basic stances and cuts of Haedong Kumdo using a wooden sword (Mokgum). These basic techniques will form the foundation of the students sword skills. From there students will work on forms (Gumbup) depending on their rank.

Forms are pre-arranged sequences of movement which teach students the hundreds of ways to defend and attack with the sword in a smooth and fluid motion. Forms are the primary testing requirement for earning rank in Haedong Kumdo and the best way to develop great sword skills.

The final requirement to earning your Black Belt in Haedong Kumdo are one step attacks (Gyukgums). One step attacks allow students to practice blocking and cutting sequences with a partner in a safe and controlled manner.

Let Me Tell You About This Program

Whether you are already a Haedong Kumdo Student…a Seasoned Martial Artist….or a Pure Beginner, this program will teach you everything you need to know to earn your Black Belt in Haedong Kumdo.

Each video breaks down every technique and form in detail. They are demonstrated slowly and at full speed so you can see how each form should be done without any stops in it.

There is so much information on these DVD’s…it’s like taking Private Lessons whenever you want in the privacy of your own home!

How Will You Test For Rank in Haedong Kumdo?

You can test for all color belt ranks through video…and when you qualify to test for your Black Belt you will test in person in front of a testing board where you will demonstrate your skills and forms. (testing fees not included)

Who This Program is… NOT FOR!!!
This Program is NOT for You…

  • If you are looking to learn an extreme martial arts sword style where you do back flips through the air and swing the sword like a cheerleader twirling a baton.
  • If you are looking for a “phoney” sword style that teaches boring and unrealistic techniques.
  • If you are looking for some easy home-study martial arts program where you can “buy” your Black Belt and never have to train or demonstrate your skill.

THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT – nothing will be shipped to you. All instructional items are downloaded through the internet.

Let Me Tell You a Little Bit About Myself!

My name is Master Jerry Laurita, I am a 4th Degree Black Belt in Haedong Kumdo under the World Haidong Gumdo Federation in Korea and I have been training in Martial Arts for over 30 years.

The first time I saw Haedong Kumdo on video, I fell in love with it immediately! There was something pure and real about it. I knew Haedong Kumdo was the style of sword I was going to commit my life to learning. It had everything…great sword handling skills, cool ways to draw and re-sheath the sword, exciting and dynamic forms and the best cutting skills I have ever seen…PERIOD!!!

In 2008 my friend and I were asked to demonstrate at the opening ceremonies of the 2008 World Haedong Kumdo Championships in Korea. We were the First Americans ever to demonstrate at the World Championships in Korea.

Even though we were chosen we still had our work cut out for us. All eyes would be on us and we needed to put together a demonstration that would make a statement because we were going to be performing in front of 5,000 Koreans, the President and Vice President of the Federation, all the other masters from around the world, our students and their families, my family and the Korean Press!

After months of drilling, preparation and dry runs, it was time for us to put on a show. Our demonstration went exactly the way we practiced…flawlessly!!! What is funny is that we went from relative unknowns to instant celebrities within the Haedong Kumdo community and all the Korean students wanted to take their pictures with us. It was an amazing feeling…one that I will never forget. I also received an “Excellent Master” award from the Federation that year.

“I just got the Haedong Kumdo Black Belt Training Program and Master Jerry breaks down every move and every form in detail. These videos are so easy to learn from, which is important to me since I don’t have a school to train at. I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning Haedong Kumdo to get these videos!” - Shawn Dickey, Maryland

Become a Master of The Sword!

If you are serious about learning a truly authentic ancient sword art that will Sharpen Your Body, Mind and Spirit through disciplined hard training and will turn you into a great swordsman like Miyamoto Musashi…this program is for YOU!!!

If you are looking for a challenge that will give you a sense of accomplishment in yourself by knowing that you dedicated yourself to achieving a worthwhile goal like earning your Black Belt in Haedong Kumdo…this program is for YOU!!!

What You Will Learn With The Haedong Kumdo Black Belt Training Program!

Volume #1 - Fundamentals
  • How to hold the sword like a true master swordsman.
  • How to draw the sword out of the scabbard and cut your opponent down and re-sheath your sword before he even knows what happened to him.
  • How to develop beautiful clean cuts that will slice through bamboo like a hot knife through butter.
  • Proper class etiquette (bowing).
  • How to properly tie your belt.
  • All the basic stances and cuts of Haedong Kumdo. (VERY IMPORTANT)


Volume #2 - Yellow Belt and High Yellow Belt Forms
  • Sang Soo Gumbup il Bun (1st form) - this is the most basic form that will teach you how to step and cut. You will also learn the “basic” chagum (re-sheathing the sword).
  • Gyukgum #1 - in this sequence you will learn how to hit your opponent’s sword to the side and cut.
  • Sang Soo Gumbup Ee Bun (2nd form) - this form is a foundational form, it is the building block for all the other forms, you will also learn the “backward spin” chagum.
  • Gyukgum #2 - in this sequence you will learn how to block and set up your next cut in one motion.


Volume #3 - Orange Belt and High Orange Belt Forms
  • Sang Soo Gumbup Sahm Bun (3rd form) - in this form you will learn the “quick draw” to stop an oncoming sword attack to your head and learn the “ice pick grip” chagum.
  • Gyukgum #3 - in this sequence you will block and cut as well as turning to block an attack.
  • Sang Soo Gumbup Sah Bun (4th form) - in this form you will be working on upward cuts and spinning cuts as well as the “finger roll” chagum.
  • Gyukgum #4 - in this sequence you learn a cool overhead redirecting block and cut sequence.


Volume #4 - Green Belt and High Green Belt Forms
  • Sang Soo Gumbup Oh Bun (5th form) - in this form you will start developing stabbing techniques and rolling with the sword to close distance as well as the “helicopter” chagum.
  • Gyukgum #5 - in this sequence you learn to parry your partners sword and stab.
  • Sang Soo Gumbup Yook Bun (6th form) - in this form you continue with building your stabs as well as one-handed cuts and blocks and the “peace sign” chagum.
  • Gyukgum #6 - in this sequence you work on pushing your partner’s sword down and back with the back of your sword.


Volume #5 - Blue Belt and High Blue Belt Forms
  • Sang Soo Gumbup Chil Bun (7th form) - in this form you continue to build on your one-handed sword techniques, side blocks and stances, you will also learn the “side single finger roll” chagum.
  • Gyukgum #7 - in this sequence you will learn about hitting your opponent’s sword up and moving directly into an upwards cut.
  • Sang Soo Gumbup Pahl Bun (8th form) - in this form you will work on developing one handed draws and simultaneous cuts and more aggressive one handed spinning cuts and doing the “kneeling helicopter” chagum.
  • Gyukgum #8 - in this sequence you will learn one of the more difficult attack and turn cutting sequences you will learn.


Volume #6 - Purple Belt and High Purple Belt Forms
  • Sang Soo Gumbup Koo Bun (9th form) - in this form you will learn how to jump and cross cut with the sword, how to avoid attacks to the leg and how to deflect a sword with a cart wheel and the “kneeling peace sign” chagum.
  • Gyukgum #9 - in this sequence you will work on the block, jump one hand spin back cut.
  • Sang Soo Gumbup Ship Bun (10th form) in this form you will learn how to draw and cut a surprise attack from behind, stalking and the “Statue of Liberty” chagum.
  • Gyukgum #10 - you will work on hitting and cutting.


Volume #7 - Brown Belt and High Brown Belt Forms
  • Sang Soo Gumbup Ship il Bun (11th form) - in this form you work on quick footwork and cutting and the “angle peace sign” chagum.
  • Gyukgum #11 - in this sequence you will learn the most difficult cut, turn and stab sequence in the basic gyukgums.
  • Sang Soo Gumbup Ship Ee Bun (12th form) - in this monster form you will work on overhead blocks and a lot of jump spinning single hand cuts and intricate cutting techniques.
  • Gyukgum #12 - in this sequence you learn the overhead stab.


Volume #8 - Red Belt and Black Belt Forms
  • Shimsang Gumbup (Black Belt Form) - in this beautiful form, you will combine everything you know into the most dynamic and exciting form you will ever learn. This is the most important form in Haiodng Gumdo and what makes Haedong Kumdo what it is, you will also learn the “snake” chagum. This form is so long, you have to break it up into two sections to learn.

How Much Does The Program Cost?
Normally, to take classes at a good school it costs a minimum of $100 per month and it usually takes about 3 years to earn your Black Belt. If you do the math it would cost you at least $3,600 to earn your Black Belt just in training fee’s alone. The Haedong Kumdo Black Belt Training Program is only $99.

The other great thing about this program is you can learn and train at your own pace and…if you train hard you could earn your Black Belt in just one year. So when you figure out the total cost of classes, the amount of time traveling to/from a school, the cost of gas and wear and tear on your car…you are saving even more.

THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT – nothing will be shipped to you. All instructional items are downloaded through the internet.


I look forward to having you as a student!




Master Jerry Laurita



Don’t Wait…Start Your Journey to Earning Your Black Belt in Haedong Kumdo Today!